Message from Dr Martin

Hello, I’m Dr. Scott A. Martin, I feel very fortunate to get the opportunity to be a part of your continuing education process. In being a third generation chiropractor, I am very passionate about what chiropractic holds for you and your patients.

We are a part of one of the greatest professions in the world, and it is my desire to give you practical, dynamic, and relevant material that you can use in your office on Monday morning.

I like to tie evidence-based chiropractic with a systematic approach to handling each patient’s care. I believe when we tie the science and dynamics of chiropractic together for our patients, we add such depth and quality to the care we render.

I hope you find the topics and material helpful, stimulating, and encouraging to you as a physician.

A good friend of mine once said, “if you don’t learn something new each day, you might as well not have gotten up that day,” and in that vein of thought, I hope that you will find yourself learning new ideas and concepts along with reviewing past learned material in a new and fresh and exciting way through these seminars.

I pray that you’ll find yourself blessed as you endeavor to be the very best physician you can be through your studies.



Dr. Scott A. Martin, D.C.